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Our Friends

Several groups have contributed to our efforts over the years we have been in existence, as well as many individuals.

Others have provided assistance in the overall mission to provide closure and support for the survivors of childhood sexual abuse. We would like to acknowledge a few of these groups and individuals for their commitment to the survivors of clergy abuse and abuse by others.


Keough Class of '74  has once again done it.
They raised a whopping 1645.00 at the 2022 Christmas Party!!
    These ladies are the best! Thank you AK Class of '74 for your generosity and dedication.


update !

Keough Class of 1973
class of 74 c.jpg

The Class of '73 made a generous contribution in support of their Survivor sisters. Two of it's members serve on the Board of the Sr. Cathy Fund for Survivors.

Keough Class of 1974
class of 1974 Keough.jpg
Catholic Daughters Court  St. Joseph Number 2300
Sr Cathy Fund recieved donation.PNG

A seminal organizational contribution to the GoFundMe beginnings of this foundation.

Tom Nugent
Ted Nugent.jpeg

Featured in "The Keepers" documentary, Tom Nugent  has conducted relentless Pultizer-level investigative journalism to keep the Keough story, and the Murders of Sr. Cathy and Joyce Malecki in the consciousness of the  world. He has worked with,  supported, and made connections for numerous survivors.

Tom contributes regularly to the Fund.

The class of 1974 made a very generous contribution to the Survivor Sisters of Keough.

Shane Waters-   Podcast with      Gemma Hoskins
Shane Waters.png

Keough Class of '74 at one of their fund raisers for the Sr. Cathy Fund for Survivors.

Follow us on Facebook as well:
Sr. Cathy Cesnik Fund for Survivors, Inc.

Shane Waters and Gemma Hoskins have supported the cause of Survivors and closure on the murders through their PODCAST:  Out of the Shadows, most recently re-branded Foul Play.

Also pictured are a few of the participants in the pod cast.

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